The Pap of Glencoe

Climb A Mountain

Area: Glencoe
Difficulty: Medium
Details: Walk Length: 4-6 hours,   Munros: 0   Corbetts: 0   Grahams: 1  
Map Reference: Sheet 41. Start 108587

Park at the forestry road entrance.  Follow the road east for approximately 800m to 111586, where a road can be seen going up the hill.  Go through the gate and up on the road until a path goes right over a small bridge.  Follow this path (it is the easiest way up).  It runs east climbing easily for about a mile, then turns north and climbs up sharply by the side of a burn.  At the top, have a well earned rest and look at the view over Loch Leven.  Climb on up following the path for about half an hour, when it will bend back sharply right, and after about 15 mins you will be able to see the summit again.  Climb steadily to the Bealach at the base.

The climb now gets a bit more interesting as you scramble up.  Follow the path and keep moving North with it as it rises, as this will take you away from the worst of the scrambling.  For the daring you can head west at any point and chose your own route.  The path moves virtually onto the north side of the mountain then cuts back left onto the summit.  This is a spectacular spot to view the glen in both ways.

Descend retracing your steps.  If you wish to come down more steeply there is a muddy, peaty path heading due south which you can take, however care will be needed and to save your steps, it is best to retrace your steps.

Have fun and take care

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